Get Started

The mahal is a javascript framework for UI development. It is similar to react or vue but without virtual DOM.

Mahal is a hindi word which means palace.

In this Get Started tutorial - we will learn about how we can create a simple counter app.

You can download the code of this tutorial from -


mahal provides mahal-creator for initializing the project and help you with the development.

Let's initiate a new project

npx @mahaljs/creator init

once the project is successfully initiated, run these command -

cd <project name>
npm run dev

this wil start the development server


A Component is reusable piece of UI code and acts as buliding block for your app. A single component contains -

  1. HTML - html code to represent UI.
  2. Script - javascript code for handling logic
  3. Style - css code for styling the UI.

Let's create a component for our counter app. Create a file - counter.mahal


  <button on:click="incrementCount">Increment count</button>


import { Component, reactive } from "mahal";
export default class extends Component{

  count = 0;


The above component -

  1. Renders the count from the script.
  2. Contains a button which will call method incrementCount on click.
  3. It uses reactive decorator which makes the count variable reactive. It means if you will change the value of count - automatically it will be updated in UI.

Let's use this counter component now. Open app.mahal and add this component as children.


  <Count />


import { Component, reactive, children } from "mahal";
import Count from "@/components/count.mahal";

export default class extends Component {


That's it and now Count component will be rendered as children of App Component.

We hope you are able to understand this tutorial. Now let's make our mahal (palace) and show it to world.